Monday, January 19, 2009

Crock Pot Challenge - Beef Stroganoff Review

Just an update: I made the beef stroganoff in the crock pot tonight. It tasted ok, but I would do a few things different.

1. I wouldn't put the noodles in. They were too mushy being cooked all day.

2. I let it cook too long. I put it in before I left for work around 7 AM. I didn't turn it off until I got home around 5 PM. That was too long to cook. I would either make it on the weekend so that I could cook it less time or use a timer and start the crock pot later in the day.

Tell me about your crock pot recipes for the week.

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Lolli said...

I made sesame pork ribs tonight (recipe on my blog-- They turned out great, with mashed potatoes and carrots, but I DID add some water. I've noticed the same thing with noodles. I prefer cooking them separately and stirring them in at the end.

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