Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow - A Day of Hope

Tomorrow is a historic day for our country - regardless of your politics and, I have to say, the hope that feel radiating across the country is contagious. I haven't watched too much of the Inauguration festivities yet. I have just looked at some of the pictures. I love to see all the people there so excited about what is going on in this country.

I am not a fool in thinking that tomorrow, when Obama puts his hand on that Bible and becomes our 44th U.S. President, all the problems of the country will be solved. In this day of negativity and cynicism, it's wonderful to see so many people full of hope.

Maybe it's silly and maybe everyone is dreaming to big, but, you know what? Who cares??? What really is wrong with that? I think that if we all have even just a little bit of hope, we can accomplish great things.

So, tomorrow I will watch as much of the festivities as I can and try to teach my kids even just a little bit of the history that is taking place. And yes, I will be watching with hope.

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rmgales said...

I too will be watching with my family. It has been an exciting day, and I'm looking forward to the excitment tomorrow.

A Change Is Gonna Come! May this country and President Elect Obama be blessed.

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