Monday, December 22, 2008

Taking Sundays "Off"

Yesterday, instead of trying to sneak in computer time in the morning, and then during nap time, and maybe in the afternoon, and then as soon as the kids went to bed, I just left it alone.

The morning was a rush of getting everyone ready and off for my 3 year old's Sunday School Christmas program. After that was nap time. I started to go online, but decided to take a nap myself. Later, I did a project with R (the 3 year old) and then the family played Candy Land.

We had dinner, let the kids play for a bit, and then watched "Rudolph". After bed time, I decided to catch up on some reading while B and I watched the Giants/Panthers game.

It was so nice to just relax - not surf the web or get sucked into Twitter. It was also nice to spend some real time with my girls. I have decided that Sunday's will now be my "no computer" day. I think it does one good to just "unplug" for at least one day.

Oh yeah, my Peek comes tomorrow though, so I will at least be able to occasionally check my email.

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Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Good for you! It is good to 'unplug' for at least one day. I know a lot of people who relegate Sundays as that 'day'. Glad to hear you had a nice relaxing and fun day! :)

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