Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide for Mom - Fragrances

Moms love to get new perfumes for Christmas. It's something she enjoys, but doesn't always want to spend the money on herself. Below are some great options to give Mom this year.

LOOK by Vera Wang is a great choice for Mom. A sparkling elixir of mandarin and watery greens are layered with lush notes of lychee and golden delicious apples, filling the topnote with a burst of energy and freshness. The vibrant floral bouquet of lily, freesia, and jasmine envelopes with femininity and elegance. A natural sensuality is enhanced in the drydown with the richness of indulgent vanilla and skin musk. Touches of oakmoss and patchouli create a balance of warmth, depth, and character.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is another great idea for Mom. Daisy perfume is Chic and Girly! That means we have a strong youth appeal to Marcjacobs Daisy fragrance. Comes in a bottle that connects the "Daisy" to youth & young women. Notes of daisy are Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, and White Woods.

The Daisy Solid Perfume Necklace is another great idea for Mom. Enter the world of Daisy: fresh and feminine, with a playful innocence. At the heart of Daisy is a floral with vintage edge - violet. Sophisticated with a touch of whimsy, violet captures the eclectic, vintage flavor of Marc Jacobs' feminine, edge designs. Always elegant, always enchanting - but not too serious - Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet that is spirited, fresh and wrapped in comfort and warmth. This Solid Perfume Necklace is classic yet youthful, containing a 0.02 oz solid perfume that you can apply anywhere, anytime. Cord is adjustable and measures 36".

Directly inspired by Chloe Eau de Parfum, four new products renew its seduction with four perfumed beauty sensual steps. To savor the rare luxury of a moment suspended in time, dedicated solely to caring for your body. The Bath Cream, Perfumed Creamy Scrub, and Body Cream are nestled in jars of thick glass and crowned with heavy lids with real silver plating. The chic, feminine and natural beige Perfumed Candle stands proudly over a luxurious base with a luster that echoes the craftsmanship of the silver-plated collar adorning the Eau de Parfum.

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