Thursday, September 25, 2008

Working Mom of the Week - Mimi

I have decided to showcase a different working mom each week on my blog whether it be a guest post or interview. This week, an old friend of mine, Mimi, from Minxy Mimi Unplugged offered to be the first. She is a working mom to two beautiful boys that will some day be my son-in-laws. :-) If you are interested in contributing to working mom of the week, leave a comment here or email me. My email address is in the side bar to your left. Thanks!

Daycare dilemmas... many working moms deal with this. The lucky ones save time and anxiety if they are lucky enough to have family to watch their precious children. I was a Stay at home mom, but for financial reasons I decided to go back to work about a year ago. So, daycare... I never thought much about it, never thought I would have to go back to work... but they day came and now it was time to search for a place that my boys would call their second home. (I am lucky my in-laws watch them 2 days a week)

First stop... An inexpensive but slightly chaotic SAHM daycare. While I enjoyed the activity and proximity to the park, I decided the runny noses on every kid at the daycare was something I could not handle. Well, wasn't the runny noses, it was the fact that the daycare providers did not seem to notice or wipe them,... Can we say EWWW?

Second stop... Pre-school environment mom and dad. They were very serious about it all, they seemed nice but a bit too rigid for me. I think maybe this:

Blanket made them want to go "EWWWW", I was told that Jack's blanket AKA "Dee Dee" could stay at home I was leaning towards leaving but when they stopped before the massive picture of Jesus in the foyer and went on about "like minded people" I knew that it was not the right place for us.

Third... Montessori... brings up visions of children playing, laughing, learning all in a cookie cutter perfect "trendy and acceptable" manner. I liked the idea of it, and I liked the atmosphere (even if it was a bit too earnest in a way) but the price tag made me stop in my tracks. 1/4 more per child was not right for our budget.

Fourth... Another SAHM of two girls. When I walked in her house I knew it was a good fit. Yes, they probably watch more TV than they need too, but Casey was sweet, kind, calm and NORMAL! I knew it wouldn't be a huge learning experience for them, at least in the book sense... but it would be a way for them to learn to play with others and get along with many different types of personalities. At last... a second home!

Now they have been there a year. Yes, of course they do not want to leave mommy and they make me feel guilty when they grab my legs and tell me "Dont go mama" but as soon as I leave, I look in the glass door and I see them smiling, laughing and playing! They talk about Casey and they say they love her. So although I work and I leave my children in daycare, I am happy to know that I am raising happy, healthy, well adjusted kids...with a little help from my wonderful daycare provider, Casey!

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Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Just saw your blog linked over on another site and thought I'd drop by. Fun name!

I love that you are featuring a working mom on your site. I can totally relate to this post. I worked full time up until a year ago and now do part-time freelance writing from home. Balancing the personal and the professional is no easy task.

jkjtres said...

I've always had to work so both my kids have each been in daycare since they were 6 weeks old. It took some hunting, and a couple of negative experiences, to find two great centers that have always been a second family to my kids. Recently I took my oldest out to ride the bus home (I WFH) after school and he constantly says he wants to be in daycare!!! He's having to adjust to life without his teachers and all his favorite friends.

It can be so hard to leave them, but when you find the right place daycare can be a great experience.

Minxy Mimi said...

Thanks Laura for featuring me and your future son in laws too! YAY

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