Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Home Office

Back in July when we were gone on vacation, our backyard was struck by lightning. Our neighbor saw it happen and came over to check for any damage or maybe even fire. We were very lucky that there was no damage (visible anyway). While it didn't hit anything directly, it caused some minimal damage to some things in our house - an outlet needed to be replaced, the phone didn't work, cable went out, but, most beloved to me, our desktop was fried.

Instead of getting another desktop, we decided to get a laptop (we had one already) and go completely wireless in our house. While I love being able to surf the 'net (or whatever) from anywhere in the house, I do miss having a central location to work from and to keep any papers and such that I need.

When Taylor was born, we moved our desktop and "office" down to our partially finished basement. While our set up was fine for awhile, I would like to maybe get some new office furniture. Right now, we just have a really cheap desk that I bought probably 10 years ago when I bought my own very first desktop. I think it's time to upgrade to something a little nicer.

I don't need anything huge or super fancy, but now that I am trying to do more writing and such, I would like some nicer home office furniture. I just need a place to put my laptop, some desk space for some trays on the desk for "work in progress" and then some file drawers.

I have some rearranging and cleaning out of junk to do in the basement before we can get anything and we would also like to make this room the girls' playroom. It is about half the size of our basement, so there should be room for everything. I figure if I can get a nice office set up, I can "work" while the girls play. We even have a tv and dvd player down there so that while they are watching Max and Ruby or Wow Wow Wubzy, I can be playing online.

Being a busy working mom (and I know, ALL moms are busy), I am not sure when this will all get done as it's all I can do to keep up with the regular cleaning and the laundry. Maybe I will tackle this project this winter.

How about you? What is your home office furniture like? Do you have a room or designated space to surf the 'net or work?

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Petra said...

Ugh. Our computer is in the bedroom so it is not really a "home office." I also have a laptop so I usually work on that in the livingroom because I need to be close to my daughter and that is where she plays.

I so look forward to someday having a working space of my own!

mrsbear said...

We're short on space ourselves. The desktop is in the living / dining area which is also the TV / Playstation area. So not exactly conducive to getting stuff done. When I take the laptop it's usually in bed, which strangely enough just makes me want to doze off. I'd love my own space but's not to be.

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

We have a pretty big house with 4 bedrooms and a huge family room. My husband uses the 4th bedroom as his home office because he works here, and the family room has a big huge pool table in it along with a sectional sofa and an entertainment center - and toys...lots of toys...
So, my desk and desktop PC is in our bedroom. It works out ok because it is a small desk and I am pretty neat. I use a laptop for 95% of my work so my desk just gives me my own little piece of real estate. i do keep some stuff in our bedroom closet which is kind of weird but we work around it!

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