Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Top Five -1/26

weekendtopfiveI am going to try out this meme from Kristi @ The Wheels are Rolling. It's a quick, easy, and concise way to tell you about our weekend.

It was pretty cold here again this weekend. We have had wind chills advisory for most of the weekend ending today at noon. I must be getting somewhat used to it as I didn't feel the need to just hibernate indoors all weekend. Anyway, here we go!

5. Friday was pretty uneventful as usual. We got some take out for dinner and hung around at home.

4. Brian had to work on Saturday, so it was just me and the girls for awhile. We went grocery shopping and I did some cleaning.

3. Saturday night was my work's Christmas party. We went out to dinner. My mother-in-law kept the girls overnight, so we had people over after. It was fun, but let's just say I drank too much wine and leave it at that.

2. Sunday was more hanging out at home. We did go visit my aunt that has a broken ankle and is having knee surgery done this week. She needed some help with a few things.

1. Sunday night is my "unplugged" night. Brian and I hung out and watched "The Last Templar" on NBC. It was pretty good. Looking forward to seeing the end tonight.

Not the most exciting weekend, but that's ok. How was your weekend?

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