Monday, December 15, 2008

Sundae Spa – Bath Gifts for Girls

Sundae Spa has awesome bath products made with kids in mind. All their products have a desert theme from cupcakes that fizz in the tub to fudge scented soaps. Their bath items will make bath time a deliciously fun time!


These cupcakes are not just for special occasions and will convince even the most reluctant bathers to jump in. Drop one in the bathtub and watch the spinning, fizzing fun as your bath water changes colors and oils and moisturizers are released. When the fizzing is over grab the floating frosting scented soap to wash up and smell delicious the whole day.

Enjoy this special Candy Cane scent for the holiday season!



Candy Topped Fudge - Imagine walking into that homemade fudge shoppe and having all the wonderful flavors of chocolate and candies explode your senses. Now your able to bring it home and have a lasting experience to fill your bath.




Chocolate Cream Pie - A delicious aroma of chocolate and cream whipped up to a Scentsational delight.




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