Monday, December 15, 2008

Eco-Conscience Gifts for Girls

Fresh and Green is an environmentally friendly online store. They have lots of great Christmas ideas for kids and not only are they cute but they are 100% safe for your children and non-toxic. Here are just a few gift ideas from their website.


This elephant dung paper book tells the story of Mr. Ellie Pooh and the plight of the Sri Lankan elephant. It basically gives the "kids" version of how we can interact with nature to "Save the Elephants". There is hope, there may be a solution, and they are holding it in their hands......Mr. Ellie Pooh's elephant dung paper.
The book is 8"x8" and printed on our colored heavy duty cardstock. The perfect book for any childrens library. Perfect for the home schooler or show and tell. The kids will go wild.




Talk about Green Tea!! Young hosts can brew up an imaginary pot of tea while doing something really good for the earth!

Like all green toy products this Tea Set is made from advanced environmentally friendly materials, helping to reduce fossil fuel use and CO2 emmissions, all in the name of Good Green Fun! For ages 3 and up

17 Piece Set including:

  • Tea Pot With Lid
  • Sugar Bowl With Lid
  • Creamer



Shopping Cart by PlanToys

Our shopping cart is safe with a stopper at the back to prevent it from turning over.  The handle bar can be adjusted to fit children's height.

PlanToys are made from recycled wood that is non chemically treated.  PlanToys enables children to play, learn and become closer to nature.


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