Monday, December 15, 2008

My Very Own Fairytale – Gift Idea for Girls

xfairycover1 In this enchanting personalized story, fairies bring letters one by one to provide clues about which girl they think should be chosen as their fairy princess. Each fairy also brings an adjective to describe the girl, such as fair, truthful, or smart. At the end, the fairies realize that they have all been describing the very same girl, and they crown her as their princess. The book teaches the child that her inner character traits are what make her a great princess or leader. This educational book also teaches the child how to spell her name, and it builds vocabulary skills. The Fairy Patch at the end is full of interesting facts about flowers and berries. She will cherish her very own fairy tale for life!

Order  your little girl her own fairytale at I See Me! Inc.


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