Monday, December 15, 2008

Caring Corners Dollhouse – Gift Idea for Girls

Dollhouse1 This innovative, interactive dollhouse virtually comes alive to guide
children through play and reinforce positive life lessons. Meet Mrs.
Goodbee, the heart and soul of the dollhouse, as her friendly voice guides
children on a never-ending role play adventure in this spacious 12-room
dollhouse. A unique tri-fold design delivers the most play space of any
dollhouse in its category and lets two children play comfortably at once.
Once inside, kids will discover fun dollhouse features including foldaway
bunk beds and secret passageways, as well as eight “hot spots” where
Mrs. Goodbee’s voice actually guides activity and responds according to
what the child does. Close the blinds in the bedroom and it becomes
night, inspiring a different set of activities and fun. Kids will love the
expansive dollhouse and the more than 400 activities, songs, words and
sounds. Parents will appreciate that all the activities are designed to
encourage caring, sharing and preparing for responsibilities, sparking
emotional intelligence and helping give their little ones important skills for

The Caring Corners dollhouse is “two-gifts-in-one” – a gift for the child
to keep and a gift for her to give away. That second gift (the giving part)
comes to life with the Carton of Caring Donation Program. Children are
encouraged to fill the “Carton of Caring” (the dollhouse box) with
gently-used clothing and toys and donate them to any of the 2,200Dollhouse2
®Goodwill stores in the United States and Canada.

The Carton of Caring Donation Program gets families involved in
sharing the joy of giving with their children. It’s a simple act that can
expand their worlds form “me” to “we.”

Donating the things we no longer need helps others and builds stronger
communities. The partnership between Goodwill Industries® and
Learning Curve Brands is the first of its kind – connecting with today’s
children to encourage generosity and compassion for others.
Research shows that more than ever today’s parents want to help their
children learn social and emotional skills and build moral intelligence.
According to renowned parenting expert, Dr. Michele Borba,
“Compassion, fairness and empathy come naturally to children, but
these qualities need to be nurtured or they may be lost. The best ways
for children to learn these skills is though play – and real-life

The Caring Corners® Mrs. Goodbee™ Talking Dollhouse is the first
dollhouse that comes to life to encourage caring, sharing and preparing
for responsibility as children play.

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