Monday, November 10, 2008

Diet Coke Addict of the Week - Week Six

Confessions of a Diet Coke Addict

Today begins week six of my weekly Diet Coke Addict of the Week contest.

Leave a comment about how you are Diet Coke (or Coke Zero, etc) addict. Contest is closed on Thursday night at midnight central time.
SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 24:  Bottles of Diet Coke...
On Friday morning, I will pick a winner at random and will send $4 via Pay Pal to buy a 12 pack of Diet Coke.

The winner then has to send me a picture of themselves with their 12 pack and I will start a gallery of Diet Coke addicts.

Spread the word by grabbing my button on the right.

Also, congrats to last week's Diet Coke Addict of the Week winner, sonya!!

Thanks and good luck!!!!

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§wanny said... coke!! I am living vicariously right now and not liking it cause I am out of Diet Coke right now

Judy said...

Egads, I just had a crown done this morning and a filling - I sooooo need some Diet Coke this week in my life! count me in!

Sheri/Cookingmom said...

I am down to one can in the downstairs fridge! Winner or not of this contest this week, I need to get my butt out to the store tonight!

Vera said...

Hmm I can't say I'm a diet coke or coke zero addict but I have a friend who is.

at the start of work everyday he buys two cans of diet coke all for himself. It's a running joke that his blood IS diet coke!

Jolly Mom said...

Coke Zero and Tivo are the best inventions ever...well I am forgetting the internet and the computer : 0

toohotforturtle said...

This is so the perfect contest for me.....I'm such a Zero addict. I can go for Diet Coke with Lime as well. No other soda will do. I was so excited when my local movie theater started having Zero fountain drink..YUMMY

Kim @ What's That Smell said...

Shoot I missed this! I could use one too!

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