Thursday, October 30, 2008

Working Mom of the Week - Dina

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Being a Working Mom can (sometimes) have its Perks.

My older daughter just started pre-K at a new school. So far she really likes the school and seems to be adjusting well. It's probably been more of an adjustment for me than her and it has nothing to do with the separation (we're all working moms here, she's been in daycare since she was 3 months) but more about the school community. I think I am definitely the odd-woman-out at this place. Seems like all the other moms in her class stay at home or work part-time. But, I'm not complaining, my role as the sole working mom seems to come with perks.

Let's start with the 'interview' with her teachers the day before school started. I got stuck with an 11am timeslot, which meant either taking the morning off or getting a sitter, but I figure I should make a good first impression and actually go there with my daughter to meet her teachers (having daddy do this was out of the question, since he is also a teacher and the beginning of the school year is pretty hectic for him). So, I asked one of the assistants if I could maybe have an earlier time slot so that I could maybe put in more of a day of work afterwards. She said back to me "Oh yes, you're one of the working moms, I think we can adjust the times for you. The other moms prefer the later slots since they don't like coming out to school too early" (no offence to the SAHM's out there, but is this because everyone's having a lazy morning in sweatpants, or sleeping in or what?? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're juggling 5 kids…).

So, I got the 8:45am slot and was able to have my 15 min meeting and still get in a full day's work afterwards. Not bad… Next, the birthday party… So, I am told that I should schedule a week ahead with the teacher and tell them when I would like to hold my daughter's birthday party in school. The head teacher says to me "Now, I know you work, so just let me know whatever time is good for you and we will schedule around it." I'm not complaining about this treatment, but can't help but feel a little bit like a Martian!

Icing on the cake… the "Daddies do Lunch" event. So, my daughter's school is a Jewish school and they will be holding classes on Christmas Day. Since they know most people will be off work that day they scheduled a special "Daddies do Lunch" event where all the fathers come in and have lunch with their kids. It's a cute idea, but what I find so funny is that they would never assume that some of the "Mommies" might also have a day off and want to have lunch with their kids. But, mommies in their world are always around to do whatever events the school has.

Well, at least they aren't asking me to join the PTA!

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ScaryMom said...

Great story. While I only work part-time, I have had felt the when I was on the hospital tour to deliver twins. The lady was showing us the beautiful L&D room and said, "oh, but you twin moms won't be delivering here. No, you will begin labor here and then we'll move you to an operating room where you'll deliver with a whole cast of people around!" As if our HUGE bellies didn't make us stand out enough. I sympathize.

Jennifer said...

Great story! Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

Bridgette said...

I love your article! I can totally relate!

Dina said...

Thanks, glad you like the story.. this school keeps giving me new material!

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