Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our high tech family

We have become a big time techie family in our house. We may not be quite like some families out there, but compared to others that we know, we like our high tech gadgets.

I would have to say that it was probably more-so me that liked the "techie" gadgets and know more about them in our house. My husband is an auto mechanic and a very very good one at that, but when it comes to the comptur type things in our house, he usually comes to me to get them figured out.

It probably all started when he wanted to get some sort of gaming system. He was looking at a Playstation 2 at the time, but due to some stuff I had read, I recommended the Xbox because it was supposed to be better graphically. When we went to look at them and talked to the sales guy, he even agreed. I think that my husband was impressed that I do know what I am talking about. :-) We later upgraded to the Xbox 360 soon after it came out.

I was very quick to get rid of dial up. At the time, Hughes Net satellite internet was not around our area, so I got DSL.

We had a desktop, but Brian and I were always fighting over it, so I wanted us to get a laptop too. After much begging, Brian finally agreed to get one. Then we had to set up the whole wireless thing. We had to upgrade our DSL so that Brian could play his Xbox 360 live wireless now and keep up with the others.

Over time, we have upgraded things so that we have the latest and greatest. We did also get rid of the DSL. We looked in to Satellite Internet service, but for now we just have cable internet.

After our desktop got fried by lightning while we were on vacation, we now just have two laptops. We even upgraded the old laptop. While we don't sit and chat with each other on the laptops even though we are in the same room like some, it's not uncommon on most evenings to see us both sitting in the living room on our laptops. We are completely wireless now too including the printer. I love it!!

We just upgraded our TV too. I will admit, this is more my husband's department. There was nothing wrong with our current TV, but Brian wanted the latest technology.

How high tech is your family??

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Brandi said...

We're not as high-tech as I'd like to be. I'm definitely the techier one in our family too. We only have one computer, a laptop, that we have to fight over. I'd LOVE to get a second laptop, a mac this time, but Damon won't let me. I've been drooling over iPhones since they first came out, but haven't been able to justify the purchase since my phone was perfectly fine and under contract. Well, it's suddenly showing signs of dying, and the contract expired in August, so I'm definitely getting one soon! We don't play video games, but I'd love a Wii because I want a Wii Fit. We do have a couple fancy tv's. I was the one who did the research and chose the tv to buy even though it was "Damon's." And the DVR changed my life!

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