Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday...Or "Treat Day"

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Today is Friday. That means it's "Treat Day" at work. What does that mean, you ask? Let me explain….

It started out simple enough. A few years ago, it seemed like on Fridays, people would complain when there was no treats brought in….Fridays just really seemed like a good day for that.

I mentioned that at one of my previous locations, we took turns having "treat day" on Fridays. The people that I work with now thought that was a great idea, so we started the rotation.

It started out pretty basic, doughnuts, brownies, the run-of-the mill "breakfast" stuff that you bring into the office. Then, people didn't want to copy the same thing week after week, so some started to get creative. We have had things like egg breakfast casserole and toast, cheese and crackers (which I LOVE), and even ice cream sundaes!! Oh, and we even have a few people that think we also need afternoon treats and break out things like chips and dip or tortilla chips and salsa. One girl even brought ice cream for the afternoon treat!

While I do enjoy the treats, they are not so good for some that is trying to lose weight. Yes, I could just say no, but this treat table is RIGHT by my desk. To go anywhere, I have to walk past it. There are some days I can resist. There are others, like today, when I am TIRED and bored and just can't seem to say no.

The thing with me is that if I don't start, I am fine. When I decide to try just one piece, one bite, etc, I am all done. I can't seem to control myself.

What's on today's menu you ask? We have been munching on chips and salsa, potato chips and french onion dip, and some Doritos. Yum!

So, while I love Friday and all that it means, I also dread it (when trying to stick to my weight loss plan) and the "treat table".

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