Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Another weekend is just about over. They go way too fast.

What did we do this weekend? Nothing very exciting.

Friday night we had dinner (homemade pizza and salad) and then the girls ran through the sprinkler.

Saturday we hung out at home some and did some shopping. After dinner (chicken w/ salsa in the crockpot w/ rice), we went swimming at the local swimming pool. The girls had a blast. We came home and did baths. The girls had a snack and went to bed. I played online while Brian watched the X Games.

The girls woke up early this morning. They are battling some sort of stomach bug. Taylor has been for almost a week, but now Riley is suffering from it too. We sort of laid low at home today. I cleaned and did laundry.

Now, Brian is watching TV while I blog and soon we will go to bed. See, totally boring weekend. That's ok to have sometimes though.

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Eric S. said...

Those stomach bugs are the worst. Sometimes, an uneventful weekend is a pleasant respite from the everyday rush of things.

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