Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week in review and Weekend Wrap-Up

All in one...Aren't you lucky???

The week was pretty boring. The girls have been battling some sort of stomach bug, so we have been dealing w/ poop for almost 2 weeks now. I called the doctor and the nurse told me that there is a diarrhea going around that is lasting up to 10 days. Nice....

Unless you live under a rock here in Wisconsin (and probably anywhere in the U.S.), you know about Brett Favre coming out of retirement. The pic below pretty much sums up how I feel about it all.

I won't say anything else.

He was traded to the NY Jets. And I think that this pic sums up how he feels about that.

He looks a little like a deer caught in headlines, doesn't he???

Anyway, if I never hear his name again, it will be too soon.

The weekend was pretty uneventful too. We did odds and ends around the house and ran errands.

Saturday night, we went and saw Dark Knight. Oh, it was SO good!!! I loved it. Heath Ledger was AMAZING.

Sunday was more of the same. We did go for a bike ride tonight. It was perfect out for it.

Anyway, I will quit boring you with the details of my life. I hope you all had fabulous weekends.

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Elaine said...

I'm originally a WI girl too!! I've blogged a bit about Favre and his turning his back on Green Bay. GGRRRR

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