Friday, January 18, 2008


I know that I have been very MIA lately. Things have just gotten so crazy with work and the kids and life in general. I am trying to make a commitment to blog 4 times a week (at least).

Not much new has been going on in our family. I did get a HUGE surprise today. I got very very large bouquet of flowers from my husband's employer. Due to his performance in 2007 he is in his company's "President's Club". The card with the flowers congratulated me on my husband making this honor. I was so shocked that they honored the wives too! And impressed!! Anyway, this is just the start I guess of the wining and dining we will get because my husband is a kick ass auto mechanic.

Anyway, that's my exciting news of the day. Not much planned for the weekend. We have a wind chill advisory for tonight and the whole weekend is going to be cold. We are doing a little shopping tomorrow, but other than that, we are just going to hang out at home.

One last word - GO PACK GO!!!

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