Monday, October 22, 2007

So overwhelming...

I am getting to that point in my life where I am getting overwhelmed with everything. I am busy at work and then busy at home. It's hard to keep up with the cleaning and laundry at home. I have trouble being able to actually spend quality time with my girls. I have tons to do for my moms' group.

I don't know where to start. Every time I do one thing, there's 2 more to do in its place. It's exhausting.

I am trying to figure out how to do it all (sort of). I just want to do a good job at work, keep a liveabley (is that a word) clean house, and have some time for me.

I am not going to lie. I miss time for me - big time. Once Riley was born, I could still get that. It wasn't so bad. Then Taylor came along. Having 2 children makes a big difference. I get very little time for me and to do what I want.

I know that there are other moms (SAHM or working) that always look like they have it together. How do they do it?? How do you do it?

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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I don't - and I probably could've written your post as well... If you find out though, let me know! :)

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