Sunday, September 9, 2007

Why do they put Halloween stuff out so early??

Well, I figured that out this weekend. It's for people like me that go shopping with a 2.5 year old. She saw all the Halloween stuff and immediately we had to get some witch window clings. That was fine because we didn't have any. It wasn't good enough to just buy them though, we had to put them up. Yep, it's September 9th and I have witch window clings up already on my front window.

All day today, Riley asked to go "see Halloween stuff". We went to Target to get diapers and of course we couldn't pass up the "Halloween stuff". There we had to get some of the Halloween cake mix w/ the sprinkle frosting. I also "had" to make them tonight.

Yep, I finally figured out that they put all this stuff out early so that people like us have 2 whole months to be looking at "Halloween stuff".

Maybe we will have to quit taking Riley out shopping from now until Christmas.....

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