Monday, September 10, 2007

Memory Lane Monday #1 - My first car

My first car was a red station wagon. We called it the "Grocery Getter". That thing was older than my sister and she was born in 1978. I mainly took it to and from school.
I remember one day driving home from school and all of a sudden, black smoke was filling my car. I FREAKED out. I had to crank down the window and stick my head out so I could see and breath. Thank goodness I only lived about 5 minutes from school. I kept thinking that my car was going to blow up. I made it safely home and it turns out that it was something w/ the heater that was causing the black smoke.
I got my license in October and my mom remarried in February. They bought a new van and then I got one of his old cars - a white Pontiac sunbird. I don't know what year. Now that was a nice car - at least compared to what I had been driving.
I laugh because now I live by the high school. It seems like so many kids now drive such nice cars right away. I definitely didn't and most of my friends did not either. I wonder why that is...
Anyway, that's my story about the "Grocery Getter".

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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Great story! I've noticed how kids are driving nicer and nicer cars these days too. There's just something wrong with that - they're missing an important rite of passage here! LOL :)

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