Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wedding update

Our friends' wedding yesterday went wonderfully. The day was gorgeous, nothing too major happened, and we had a good time.

We had one little scare w/ the limo on the way to the church...All of a sudden we were pulled over on the side of the highway and she puts the little wall thing down. My friend practically ran to the window where the driver told her that the limo blew something.

Honestly, I thought that it was a bad joke. I mean, this is something that you only read about in magazines when people are telling horror stories from their weddings. Thank goodness for cell phones because we all whipped them out to call whoever we could to put on standby for rides.

The driver said she could get us to the church but wouldn't be able to go get the guys. We lined up rides for them and everyone made it in time to the church.

Of course, like always, I cried during the ceremony. When the bride walked down the aisle, she looked so gorgeous and the groom was just beaming as he watched. Honestly, I couldn't be happier for our friends.

It's now Sunday morning at 8:15. I am thinking about showering and getting the girls. I miss them, but not quite sure I am ready to give up my peace and quiet just yet. :-)

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