Monday, September 3, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Here is something I learned from another new favorite blog, I'm an Organizing Junkie. I plan my meals most of the time anyway (my one good habit), but this will help me be consistent.

Monday: Tacos

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes

Wednesday: Frozen pizza (we have a play date that night)

Thursday: Chicken sausage w/ pasta

Friday: We usually eat out.

Like the Organizing Junkie, I am going to just do 5 days knowing that we will use some leftovers and other things may come up.

Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!!!!

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tegdirb92 said...

what a delicious week ahead!

Mandy said...

Thanks for the comments. You meal plan looks great...I always seem to forget how much I love chicken sausage when I am shopping. i will have to put it on my list.

I love using my crockpot!! It makes life so simple and that site has a ton of good for you recipes!

annie said...

Happy Monday!
Your menu looks delicious!
My Life as Annie!

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