Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dare to get....What?????

I know that the name of my blog is "Dare to Get Organized" but I think I have yet to barely post anything about getting organized. I decided to start this blog as I was stumbling through the internet, looking for inspiration on how to get my home organized.

I found the Lazy Organizer's website. I was in awe. She became my idol. From there, I found other blogs and then started my own. I was going to use this blog to report my progess on this quest.

Well, things have taken quite the turn....I learned about this whole new community of bloggers. I am no stranger to the internet...I met my husband online a long time ago in an AOL chat room, I was a regular on message boards, I started my own mom's message board (with a few others), and I started a mom's group on meetup. I had NO idea about blogging through.

I have stumbled upon some great, strong, funny, amazing women in the blog world. I love it! I love that I can dabble in writing - something I did a LONG time ago. Overall, I think it's great and I am proud to be a "member".

So, dare to get organized? Sort of....Right now, my blog should just be named "Dare to Stay Sane".

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Rebecca said...

Ha! I joined a meetup group after moving out here. I just love it! There are 3 that I've joined but only one is actually active. I hope your group is going well!

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