Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying to go a new direction

I had always thought that I wanted this site to help connect with moms that work full time out of the home like me. Since starting, I have met so many wonderful moms - some that are WAHM's, some SAHM's, some that work part time out of the home, and some that work full time out of the home like me. The one conclusion that I have reached is that we are ALL "working" moms and we all need to support each other.

With that being said, this site is just going to be a place for me to have fun - be silly - and share my family with you.

My other site, Pink Family Dinners, has changed the "Pink Family Household" because there I am going to share with all busy families my thoughts and ideas to make things at home run a little more smoothly. I am not a fan of that name, but can't come up with anything better right now, so please head on over there to help me name that site.

I will leave you with this clip from one of my favorite episodes from my favorite show, Seinfeld.

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Talking with Tami said...

I love your blog its very fun! Would love to exchange blog rolls with you,thanks Trisha from did my page lol

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