Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tiny Prints - A Review

Tiny Prints was created in 2004 by three friends who shared a love of babies and the appreciation for giving and receiving good paper. They created a website that made shopping for paper, fun, easy, and better than a store shopping experience. Since they had just had babies themselves, they began to focus on the baby market after their own frustrating birth announcement shopping.

This year, instead of the usually box of Valentines you pick up for your kids to hand out, check out Tiny Prints' Valentines Day Cards. They have a great assortment of cards printed on eco-friend paper or their signature card stock. You can send the kids to school with their own set of special, customized kids' Valentines Day Cards to share with all their friends.

You can even create a custom family photo Valentines Day Card to drop in the mail.

Having a party? Use Tiny Prints Valentines Day Cards to create the perfect invitations in time for everyone to RSVP.

I received some samples of these Valentines Day Cards to check out and they were very cute. I was impressed with the quality of the paper. When my girls are older and handing out Valentines Day Cards in school, we will definitely be getting them from Tiny Prints.

Order yours today!!!!

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Brandi said...

I love tiny prints! I ordered my Christmas cards through them this year. I was going to order birth announcements, but i never got around to it.

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