Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Wine Connoisseur – A Gift Idea for Mom

©Earl Harper

After opening a bottle of wine, the wine’s quality and taste quickly deteriorate as it is exposed to oxygen. The PlatyPreserve™ bottle protects the taste of wine by reducing the presence of oxygen. By squeezing the PlatyPreserve™ bottle before securing its cap, extra air is purged from the system, ensuring limited oxygen exposure for as long as it is stored in the bottle. Made of multi-laminate film lined with BPA - and taste-free polyethylene, the PlatyPreserve™ bottle will not leak of transfer any taste to the stored wine. The wine is protected from light exposure by coatings embedded in the laminate. Taste tests conducted by the company show that wine stored in the PlatyPreserve™ bottle remains enjoyable for up to six months.

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