Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Need a Peek??

I am sort of a techie girl - nothing too hardcore, but I do love my gadgets. I had an Ipod Nano a few years ago and now have the iTouch (which I am in love with). I am intrigued by this gadget called the Peek. I am an email junkie and I love that I could check it any time, any where. I am an email junkie (who isn't these days).

Anyway, do you have a Peek? What are your thoughts on this great new gadget?

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Brandi said...

Does the itouch not have internet access? I thought the only difference between the itouch and iphone were that the iphone had a phone. I don't really know much about the itouch, though.

I'm the gadget geek in our house too. I would MUCH rather get camera accessories or techie stuff than jewelry and flowers! Damon knows me so well; he got me my own laptop and Photoshop CS4 for Christmas/our anniversary! I can't wait for Photoshop to get here!

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