Sunday, December 14, 2008

Minime Books - Great Gift Idea

Minime Books makes a great gift idea for the children in your life.cover-layla2

Here's a bit more info about this unique book:

  • Product name - Mini Me's Books - 1st title is "The Octopus Book"
  • Age group - 0-6 y/o - great for both boys & girls. Makes a charming gift from parents, grand- or godparents and aunts/uncles.
  • what's unique about this gift - 1st photo-personalized book in North America that lets you include pictures of your child plus 1-2 adults in the book. In addition, it's hand-made in Canada on certified eco-friendly paper - a rarity in publishing!
  • why it's a special gift - kids love to see their face and name in the book; it really encourages them to read! Plus they get a chance to see their family in their book, which makes it a true keepsake & a one of a kind gift!
  • to purchase -

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