Sunday, December 14, 2008

Creative Coloring Projects

The ColorMe Company’s products allow children to express their creativity while creating personalized keepsakes for themselves, friends, and family members. Their cards combine the fun of coloring books with the thoughtfulness of letter-writing. Here is just a sampling of the imaginative gifts the ColorMe Company has to offer:


Includes one 100% cotton standard size pillowcase with colorable design, fabric markers, and directions for setting color. Note: This is original artwork from Ludwig Bemelmans, licensed from Bemelmans, LLC 2008 and the ONLY ColorMe product not drawn by a child.




Includes one 100% cotton T-shirt with colorable design plus matching greeting card, crayons, fabric markers, and directions for setting color.





Includes eight assorted 5" x 7" colorable cards plus envelopes and crayons. Two of each design.






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