Sunday, November 30, 2008

2008 Holiday Gift Guide - Ideas for Mom

Moms like to enjoy a cocktail just as much as the next person. Most of us are trying to be healthier - especially in the new year and Mixerz are a great idea for that. They are drink mixes that are made of only fresh fruits and purees and contain no artificial flavors.

I know that I love bags, purses, luggage, etc. Check out Hartman Luggage if you are looking for something stylish and useful. The new Luxe collection pictured here would be a great gift for mom. Available in Noir and Rouge, the rich and supple embossed croc leather features innovative designs, rich textures and elegant silhouettes that create a bold fashion statement to complement the sophisticated traveler's personal sense of style>

You can almost never go wrong buying moms books for Christmas. Check out "The Daughter-In-Law Rules". In her fun new book The Daughter -in-Law Rules author Sally Shields lays out 101 simple and witty strategies to aid wives of all ages in mastering every element of MIL relations-from the decorum of housekeeping to the delicate world of child rearing. This is the perfect gift for the newlywed or someone that has spent years trying to please your mother in law.

Sometimes Mom needs a new diaper bag but since the kids are getting older, they don't want to spend the money. Check out My Royal Heinie for a great gift idea. The Daypack diaper purse is cleverly designed for maximum convenience to accommodate all for your diapering essentials with just the right amount of pockets and compartments for your personal items. We were fortunate to receive one of these to try out and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! My oldest doesn't need diapers and my 2 year old doesn't need all the stuff that she did as a baby. This is the perfect bag to just throw a few diapers and wipes in and we are all set. I highly recommend this for the mom in your life that you just don't know what to get.

I love gadgets. I think that a lot of moms now a days too. We are also always on the go whether we are picking up from school, running to work, grocery shopping, etc. We all know it's not safe to drive and talk on your cell phone, so why not get Mom the Motorola HP15 Universal Bluetooth Headset? Peace and quite is hard to find these days, except when H15 is around. MOTOPURE H15 can't help but boast about it's exlusive flip design and the fact that it has the best background noise cancellation, basked on independent testing of the top-selling dual-microphone Bluetooth headsets. And if Mom is trying to talk in the car with the kids in there, this will be a very useful tool

This is just a start of the great gift ideas I have for Mom. Stick around!!

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