Thursday, October 9, 2008

Working mom of the week - Mary Nunaley

I found Mary on Twittermoms. Mary is a single working mom to 2. You can catch up with her at Tennis Mis-fit Mom.

If you are interested in becoming my working mom of the week, please us the "contact me" button on the left.

Random Musings on a Thursday

It's been a wild few weeks around our household and everytime I've sat down to blog, my mind wanders in a number of directions. I thought I'd take a few minutes to share some of the adventures of life in our house. Hello, my name is Mary and I'm a blogging, working single mom of two who often feels like I'm living in a zoo. In addition to my 22 yo daughter who lives with me, there is also my 14 yo son and our 6 cats. On any given day, we will be found running in a million directions.

Let's meet Andrea, my daughter, one of the smartest young ladies I have met and after a few attempts at college (unsuccessful at that) she took a year off and has finally found her passion. She will begin cosmetology school in about 3 weeks and I've never seen her this happy, well she was this happy on the softball field but her softball playing days came to an end a few years ago when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and she's had mono off and on for 3 years. Learning to work with hair and all that goes with it is going to be the right thing for her- there is a constant flow of friends in our house waiting for her to "do" their hair and makeup and it looks incredible. My wish is that she just finds something to make her happy and can eventually support herself.

Next, there's my son Amadeus, he's 14 and homeschooled. This was the boy who I thought would never read, he didn't even think about reading until he was nearly 7 years old and since then, he has become a passionate reader. He's a tennis player in a softball family and these last few years have been quite a time of learning for me, I have never had any interest in tennis and now, I'm the go to person for many of the local players parents (thank goodness for the internet and an inquiring mind). Anyway, his goal is to play college and then professional tennis and his coach seems to think he has a chance. You can read about his exploits on our blog ( When he's not on the court, he's busy doing schoolwork. He has a passion for history and literature and is usually found with his nose in a book or playing video games (of course!).

We've had a lot of adventures this past year because of tennis including a trip to Little Rock, AR in March when a 5 hour drive took nearly 15 hours due to a freak snowstorm, a wild drive to Mobile, AL in August for a tournament when we were driving into at that time Hurricane Fay, and several trips to Knoxville, and Chattanooga, TN. Luckily, he's a great travel companion and we share similar taste in books and music.

Finally, I'd like to introduce you to our menagerie- 6 beautiful fur babies who rule the roost. The cats range in age from 13 years to 8 months. Almost all of them were strays that found there way to us. We have a beautiful mother/daughter pair of calico's, a Russian Grey, an orange tabby, a black male and a tortoise shell kitten. The younger of the two calico's is quite a character, having traumatized herself by crawling under the dishwasher a few years ago and has refused to leave my bedroom for 2 years. Trying to keep up with these wild animals makes life interesting to say the least.

I'm glad to be able to share a snippet of our life and look forward to learning more about Laura and her Diet Coke adventures.

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Jerri Ann said...

Hey, love to read your stuff! Followed you over from your own site and I've found me a soda lover to boot.

I actually have to have the real thing and 3 different doctors this week have said, "you need to quit drinking soda all together, but do NOT drink diet soda's" to which I happily replied, "you got it sucka, no more diet for me"'s just that I need some soda, and.....well, doggone it, I' trying... and I thought I had done something good by switching to diet...alas, no more, It's the real thing for me

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