Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Tip

First off, I wanted to thank Kim @ JA Blog Graphics for the new Tuesday Tip button. Go over to her site and check her out. Thanks Kim!!!!

Today's Tip:

Try to do just one or two loads of laundry a day (if your family allows). It helps keep laundry from being so overwhelming.

If you have a tip you want to share, contact me and it will be featured next week.

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Minxy Mimi said...

I try to do that too... a load a day!

Jenera said...

I have been doing this for a little while and it really helps! My biggest downfall is the folding and putting away of said clothes so with just one load, it's not so daunting.

Sage Moonstone said...

Such a Great Idea!!

I'm so Domestically Challenged.. I just found the Fly Lady's website and so far I love it!!

If I come up with any good tips of my own... I'll be sure to send one in. ;)

ps-so far i've done ZERO loads of laundry.. guess i better get busy! HA!

Jennifer said...

I so try to keep up with that but it is usually the first thing I forget during the day. Great tip!! I love Kim's graphics btw yours is great :-)

Bridgette said...

I hate laundry!

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