Sunday, October 7, 2007

We are on vacation!!

My husband and I took this week off of work. We don't have anything special planned - just hanging out and doing stuff with the girls.

I missed SMART Habit Saturday yesterday. I will pick that up next week.

I will also need to go weigh in at Our Wicked Weighs. Yikes!

I will be in and out all week (not that anyone cares really).

This weekend the weather is unusually hot. It's October 7th for pete's sake and we have the central air on. That is not right here in Wisconsin and I don't like it. My girls have all the cute fall clothes and they are in shorts and tank tops.

The other thing that I don't like about this is that we will go from 85 degree weather to freezing cold. We will have no in-between - no fall. Bums me out.

Last night we had bowling. I sucked. I bowled a 70, yes a SEVENTY in my last game. How humiliating...

Tonight is the big Bears/Packers game. We will be having another couple over to watch that. Can the Packers go 5-0???? I think so...

Oh well. Time to get caught up on a few things while the munchkins are sleeping.

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.

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Erin said...

Hope you have a great week off - but don't let that give you an excuse to eat everything you want ;) (I'm trying to be motivational here, lol... I tend to eat HUGE amounts on vacation!)

I hope the Packers do well - I'm rooting for Brett, and I do want to see them do well this year - of course not at the expense of my Patriots but until they play them, I will say Go Packers!! Well... and Go Patriots!!

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