Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pink...Like the Color

Yep, that's my last name - Pink. Let me add that it's my MARRIED last name.

When I first met my husband, we were on our first date. He mentioned that I hadn't even asked his last name yet. He said it was a color. I sarcastically said, "Fuschia". Little did I know I was so close...

When we got engaged, people that I worked with would just laugh when they found out my last name was going to be Pink. One guy even came up with a great joke:

"What nationality is Pink?" (I know you are dying to know this one....)


Ha ha.....Actually, when I ask my husband what nationality it is, he has no idea. I am guessing it's short for something like Pinkowski or something and when his family came to Elis Island, someone just shortened it.

As we approached our wedding day, I tried to talk my husband into taking my last name. I thought he would be thrilled. I mean, how manly is the last name "Pink"??? He wasn't having it. My sister-in-law told me that was one of the best things about getting married - losing the last name of "Pink".

I asked him if he got made fun of a lot as a kid with that last name. All he would say was that he spent a lot of time in the principal's office. Go figure....

After we were married, I wouldn't wear ANYTHING pink. I hated the color.

We are easy to find in the phone book. You can imagine that there aren't a whole lot of other "Pinks" in the area.

What is most annoying is that when you tell someone that's your last name, they ask how to spell that. They think that there is some trick or something. Yeah, there's a "z" in there, but we don't pronounce that. To make things easier, when I tell someone my last name, I just automatically say, "like the color". People at work laugh when they overhear me saying that, but it's really just easier.

We have been married for 6 years now and have 2 girls (thank goodness). I now embrace the last name of "Pink". I love it. Even my husband appreciates it more now. We are going to get bowling balls for our league and he has mentioned getting a pink one too.

In closing, yes, my last name is Pink....Like the color.....

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Kellie said...

hehehe! Great post! I love the joke about the nationality being "Crayola". Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :o)

Write From Karen said...

"What nationality is Pink?" (I know you are dying to know this one....)

ROFL!! That is hilarious!! And thank goodness you had two girls - can you imagine those poor boys? lol

Actually, I think that's a great name. You definitely stand out and that's always a good thing in my book. And the pink bowling ball thing? You MUST get a pink bowling ball. That's all I'm saying. *grin*

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