Saturday, September 1, 2007

I have just discovered this from my new favorite blog, The Lazy Organizer. What a great idea!!! This week the habit that I am going to work on is writing EVERYTHING down! I try way too hard to remember things in my head and w/ working full time, running a local mom's group, and taking care of 2 little girls and my husband, that just is recipe for disaster.

I also am going to work on actually getting when my alarm goes off. It goes off at 5 but I tend to hit snooze until almost 6. If I get up at 5, that gives me some extra quiet computer time, so I am going to work on that.

There was one more thing, but of course, I forgot because I didn't write it down.

Check back this week to see how successful I am at this.

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The Lazy Organizer said...

Good to see you joining us! I have to take my planner with me everywhere so I don't forget to use it. Especially to bed!

Rebecca said...

OMG, I do the same thing. & I always forget. Why do I keep thinking I can remember something for more than 5 seconds? I write everything down - blog post ideas, lists of things I need to do, appointments, scrapbook ideas - everything! Good luck with this new habit - I recommend little notebooks & an organizer. Welcome to the SMARTy pants club!

penguinsandladybugs said...

I am with you...I need to write more down, too!

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